Sheer corporate asshattery.

What this means is that it could be possible for the big four browser companies to build DRM content into their browser standards that free developers cannot emulate.

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    I mean no one should be surprised. DRM was bound to happen sooner or later. It's just a stepping stone to web maturity.
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    Firefox contains a free implementation of EME.
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    What else is new ? All major browsers already have DRM “protection”.
    Try to watch a LEGAL blue-ray on a windows machine. (Or even worse, linux).
    I ended up stopping buying and just torrenting. Same quality and I can use whatever the fuck I want to watch it.
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    @NoToJavaScript Yep. Pay to use Leawo (or similar) with ads or torrent for free (add VPN if you live somewhere you can't run a public wifi and blame the torrenting on its untraceable users) and use literally anything without ads. Also appalling how Microsoft nerfed its out-of-the-box DVD-playing capabilities. Windows Media player no longer works and there is no relacement for it. Besides 3rd party, of course.
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    The W3C has degraded to a rubber stamping secretary of the browser consortium WHATWG anyway. And the main reason is that the W3C is a bunch of idiots completely detached from reality.

    The browser manufacturers rebelled because the W3C tried to enforce useless shit that neither browser vendors nor web authors wanted (XHTML) and in turn declined HTML5. That's how the W3C lost its power.

    It's also why it didn't matter whether W3C accepted EME - that would have come anyway with a W3C that nobody listened to anymore.

    And, as we say in German, the fish always starts stinking from the head. TBL himself has jumped the shark long since. Everything he tried after inventing HTML was failed crap.

    Then again, making a browser without DRM is fully possible. Think again whether DRM protected content is really worth watching in the first place, given that Hollywood is churning out ever worse junk.
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    Cunts will be cunts. Fuck them all.
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