Wanted to automate some stuff through bash scripts but did want to separate tasks so I wrote two bash scripts for data processing.

Hmm.. two scripts..... how could I even further automate thi....

*writes script which executed those two scripts*


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    That works, sourcing works too.
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    @hjk101 writes script that sources first one then runs 2 and 3 😂😂
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    Write a script that generates the two scripts, and executes them.
    Python for the generator, use subprocess to call them in parallel.

    For advanced automatons - use a couple of jinja template!
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    I once wrote a simple python script to temporarily change the local ip addres. Including a check for valid input. Could have done it in bash but wasnt familiar with it all too much. Ended up wrapping the python script into a bash script for just clicking to execute it.
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