Where do I get one?

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    ++ for DX, one of the best games I've ever played
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    @RememberMe Which?
    I bought the entire franchise, but couldn't stand the first one -- way too buggy -- so I didn't play the others because I would be missing story. 🙁
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    @Root I *loved* the original, *loved* DX Human Revolution, and really liked Mankind Divided (DX Invisible War was...eh).

    You don't need to play the original to play the new ones, Human Revolution is more or less self contained (get the Director's Cut edition because it fixes the bullshit boss fights).

    The original is quite buggy yes, but I used integrated graphics and slogged through it somehow. There are a few mods (new launcher, DirectX 10 renderer, etc.) that help a lot too I think, but I wanted vanilla.

    I'm a worldbuilding + narrative driven game type of person (CRPGs etc. ahoy) plus I love sci-fi and cyberpunk so DX was right up my alley.
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    Those were cool.
    I liked the 15 different ways to solve the problems of the DX series, but hated the huge areas of the first one. I remember running for a full minute before reaching something interesting for most of the game....
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    bro let me know if u find out
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