I really like my position as the head of my department. But I am most definitely hitting walls(and in some way breaking them) concerning the way the CTO(my direct boss) deals with a lot of the things that his management team wants to do.

For example, the previous manager could only do so much in terms of directing a software team since she did not have a formal background in computer science or engineering, thus the developers that she had would tell her the different deals with many things and she would have to take their word for it. Nothing necessarily bad with this, but it just meant that a lot of things could have gone smoother had she the knowledge to fix said items. Whenever she would try to use resources(dev time or such) the CTO will resort to the all powerful manthra of "if it ain't broke don't fix it!".

but it was about more than fixing things that were breaking, our internal services and admin boards were built using all of the WRONG proper development practices, it feels as if they took the book of best practices.....and said fuck it and did whatever the fuck they wanted. It is the worst PHP/Java/JS code I have ever seen in my entire life and the reason why even though I do not concur with it I will always understand the dislike from other developers. Our services look like something that came out from the 90s, no style, no engineering concepts in place, no versioning no testing NADA zip(these are all web based services)

One in particular, it was an admin board used internally to let students evaluate their professors, the entire app is shit, and it was broken, for some UNGODLY reason, the original dev decided to use some weird external libraries he got from some blog somewhere and as such something that would take about 5 or 6 files is now a mess with over 200 php/js files all over the fucking place. The CTO insisted on fixing them, they were all broken, and I continuously told him that redesigning the application would be faster.

Mofo fought me on it, and in the end I did what I wanted and rebuilt the app.

It took me one afternoon. One fucking afternoon, over possibly 2 weeks of fixing it.

See, I am not one to just do whatever he pleases, but I am firm in my belief that if I know a better way I will do it and save precious time. The dude had to agree with me on this and promised to consider this shit on other items that will undoubtedly come up. He was lying out of his ass but oh well..........


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    Me at my last job albeit in lesser position. Also RIP tag order :^)
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    @lkjhgf253 haha I didn't notice, yup rip tag order
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    Why don't companies understand that it's cheaper and better for everyone to slowly and carefully craft a project? They're losing money fixing the mess afterwords.
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    Sounds like a CTO who doesn't understand delegation. When you give someone a senior position, that position should come with a certain amount of trust and authority.

    When my leads come to me and have an idea opposed to one of my own or the existing arch, I ask them for a time estimate. If it checks all the sanity boxes I'll approve it. If they miss, we postmortem what was miscalculated and they learn from it. That not only gives people a sense of satisfaction and (in many cases) motivation, it also helps them grow as professionals.

    Hopefully he learns from the absolute clinic you gave him that he can (and should) lean on you and get out of your wheelhouse. 😀
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