Imagine writing CSS in JS like some barbaric viking.

*This post was made by CSS in its own file gang

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    I honestly can't understand why people want to put css in js, unless your library has some smart way of abstracting it - like vue.js. And even then I use it only for particular modules, because the C part is actually important and anybody not using cascade is actually just needlessly gimping themselves.
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    I always separate my CSS into it's own file.

    I've seen many React-Native apps and VueJS cases where they have the CSS written in the same file as the html (jsx w/e) or the JS, which just seems like a pain. Why would I want one large ass file when we have been taught from the very beginning about importing our CSS from separate files?

    Even in the case of Styled-Components, such as EmotionJS, I still keep the CSS in a separate file and import it to where I want to use it.

    It's just far more maintainable that way.
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