We have a dashboard that does stuff and one of the things that you can do is to turn these devices on or off. I the front-end guy made it look better and added some new visuals from the back-end data for better use. So I wanted to disable the off button if the device is off and vice versa. So I found out that when I turn it off or on let's say on, the device turns on but the data I get from the back-end still shows it to me as off because the data comes from the server and even though a device is on it updates the server about that periodically so I wait 10 seconds for that update.
The back-end guy tells me he just can't do anything about it and that's why it was like that at first. Then a few hours later this guy complains about this little space in between elements. Like dude, if you are such a perfect guy go find a way to make your thing work so the dashboard can have up to date information.

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    Similar situation here. Backend "disables/enables" functions by writing this to the database and prepare new data for devices. But the functions are not disabled/enabled until the device is turned on and receives the new dataset (which may take some time as not all devices are online all the time). But at the monitoring tool the functions are instantly displayed with the new state as this state is taken from the database entry. So every few weeks there are customers complaining about devices still carrying out functions or not working although stated otherwise in the monitoring tool.

    I told our backend guys and gals many times to just display "Assigned for disabling/enabling" or something similar, until the confirmation from the device is received that it has changed the state of the function. That would really avoid some trouble, but nobody listens to me.
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    @ddephor they are probably busy changing the theme of their terminal
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