RIP actix :'(

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    Reading the post-mortem hit pretty hard. Open-source projects can be a pain to maintain if the team is too small. It's unforgiving how much time and energy is put into developing and updating the project with a low ROI if the community does nothing else but complain.
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    This issue, that was thoroughly censored and eventually deleted by the repo owner, caused the entire shitstorm:
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    To amend my previous comment, I'd also like to say, removing an entire framework many people depend on is definitely not the solution to this problem. If he didn't want to maintain the project anymore, the right thing to do would have been to pass it onto someone else.
    Sure, it's his project and he can delete it anytime he wants, but that's what we call a dick move.
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    @HelsinkiCodes He said he's open to new ideas. In the mean time, if vulnerabilities aren't patched anymore the best action for security is to break everything that depends on it immediately and fatally so that developers notice.
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