I bought a computer awhile back off Kijiji (Canada's craigslist) for a really good price. Today, decided I was going to upgrade the ram since I got a sick deal on some corsair vengence 8gb sticks online...

And just before installing it, I realize the fucker decided to use low profile RAM in his build for a reason: he (for some fucking reason) decided to route the airflow for the system by placing the cooling fan directly over the first 2 memory slots.

Guess who's 5 minute memory upgrade just turned into an hour of re-routing all the airflow in the PC and having to redo all the fan wiring.

I shouldn't complain, I mean I got this computer a couple years back for like $400, but still, wtf man...

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    uh, my PC also has low-profile RAM because you just mount the fucking fan where existing airflow exists? This is normal.
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    @kescherRant Im realizing this is fairly common in micro boards. Most of the boards I used are standard, and have had enough clearance no matter how you routed the air.

    I am still pissed, although more at myself now.
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    @wannabe No, my board is normal ATX.
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    @kescherRant cool beans.
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