It was for a job interview, I wouldn't specify what the challenge is but they said I could use any language I want; I chose Python. They said I failed the coding interview because it was not Java.

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    Sounds like evey college-course ever.
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    "Guess the number I'm thinking about!"
    "Is it... 3?"
    "Wrong, you fail. Next!"

    I don't think you're missing out much, @OP
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    Had something like that as well.

    API calls had to be mocked, so when the application didn't work because there was no actual API behind it they saw it as a bug, even though I did exactly as the task description described.
    It was for a frontend position, so of course I'm not going to supply a functional backend.
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    FORTH !
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    Sounds like interviewers are just stupid.


    Yeah, ran into issues like that in college. Was graded on the timing of a logic circuit. The timing was dependent upon when the teacher pressed the button on a stopwatch when the circuit was started. Also dependent upon the phase of where the timing source was at the time the circuit was reset. Utter bullshit.
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    Were you applying to be a barista or something? ;)
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    So if you had replied "not java" you would have been ok?
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    Bullet successfully dodged.
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    Lucky you! :)
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    @Nanos I think we should make a new programming language called Fifth (and oneth, twoth, threeth).
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    What if you're really the dumb one. I won't hire someone that'll choose python over java for developing an android app (say that was the challenge)
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