Hey guys, just wanted to know what does everyone really think about Blockchain, honestly.
I've seen Blockstack create so many modules duplicating almost every centralized functionality, but why aren't they as famous yet. Just because people aren't aware?

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    It's an overhyped linked list

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    People tend to think "where could we add blockchain" instead of "what problem do we want to solve"
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    Pretty useless technology. It works only in environments with low trust and no regulations. If you are a businessman in Ethiopia trying to sign a deal with someone in Venezuela, maybe a blockchain technology can help you, but you are still depending on the computing power of the rest of the world.

    In advanced countries, companies are paranoid about protecting and controling their data. Good luck trying to convince them to put everything into a public database powered by Chinese hardware.
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    When you have a hammer, everything looks like a nail.
    Blockchain has its uses and applications. Unfortunately, due to all the hype surrounding it, lots of stupid people who don't understand it try to use it for things it's not supposed to do.
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    We used it to sign official documents in my previous company, it's useful, but <what @nicofee said />
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    +1 the useless hipster tech sentiment. It's useful in scant few applications, and applied to many domains where its value is negligible.
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    @Lyniven Wouldn't a (normal) digital signature be enough?
    Digital signatures alone provide integrity and non repudiation.
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