Deep learning

I thought it would be a great course, learn some of the stuff that I always read about but couldn't understand jackshit, and maybe profit form it somehow.

I'm in my last assignment, they want us to pick some SNLI paper and implement, ok, so I find this one with the least amount of params because I thought hey this seems promising.

And boy what a ride it was, I implemented it using PyTorch, the results are way off, I read the paper again and rewrite some parts, still nothing, I get 79%, it's supposed to be 85%, and no matter how I try, nothing.

10 GitHub repos later, 40 hours of complete meltdown,
20 throwaway Google accounts using colab because we don't have GPUs in our uni and using AWS is not feasible.

Same shit, I'm at loss, the world is a lie, and I fell for it...


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    is it a graduate course or some of the last classes of your undergrade courses?

    If so, get used to read the lines :
    "exercie left to the reader"
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    Ahh yes the local minimum.
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