Who else is suffering carpal tunnel syndrome?

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    Nope. Been typing since '86 with no defects until I wrote this and doomed myself to having CTS because karma.
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    Some days I minor wrist pain in my right hand.
    When it happens, I stretch like a motherfucker for the following 3 or 4 days.
    By day 3 the pain goes away, I forget about it, between 1 or 6 months pass by and the cycle begins again.

    I should stretch everyday but I'm a mess so...

    I've been having luck so far, but I hope it doesn't run out.

    From this video I do stretches 2 and 3. I can feel the burn when I do, specially in my right hand.
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    Change your keyboard. The right keyboard makes all the difference.
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    I am not a linux peasant, so no problem on wrists.
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    Switched to Dvorak, never had issues again
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    I switched to a really low profile keyboard with a soft touch and a trackball. No problems since.
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    Consider a split keyboard.
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