I love Azure. But WHY do I need to add vCores SQL for more logs/io ?

Why is it even limited ?

So no, I won't add 350$/month for 1 more vCore just for some more Mbits of log io bandwich

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    I wouldn't be surprised if they ask you to pay an extra 10$ to let you download that graph as PDF
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    Their SLAs aren't nearly as good as they once were.
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    @SortOfTested I don’t know about that.
    In 5 years of usage SQL servers never went down (5 different databases, some in Europe, some in Canada) . Some problems with WebApps, but not SQL. That shit is 100% SLA almost
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    The scaling and pricing model it mandates is the source of your pain. So I guess you're actually good with vCore scaling per feature while services like RDS are measuring scale usage metrics by usage 1000th of a CPU unit.

    I am glad to hear that you are entirely happy with the service you have received #TicketClosed 😀
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    @SortOfTested Thank you
    . Please take my 300$ for this custom support request.
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    @NoToJavaScript you have no idea how many times i've gotten free "custom support" when asking questions about shit before buying, ESPECIALLY when it's turned me off from going with them
    "how fast is each vCPU?" "well they scale dynamically, but there is a cap." "well, what's the cap?" "1 vCPU." "and how fast is that?" "it dynamically scales" ok fuck this and fuck your fee, i'm not paying you dodgy POSes anything
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