The tons of undefined behaviour in C that ought to have been implementation defined instead, and increasingly sadistic compiler writers on the other side.

Like signed integer overflow that should just do what the underlying machine does, i.e. in practice, wrap around two's complement.

But the wierdest UB is when a C source code line has a non-matching ' or ". WTF, this should have been a compile time error!

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    C isn’t as *classy* as you would expect
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    @2lazy2debug C++ has all of that annoying crap, too, and then a lot more on top of it.
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    Still the simplest language out there.
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    @Fast-Nop was just alluding the fact that C doesn’t have classes but you’re absolutely right.
    One of the things that I HATED not knowing was that you can override operators’ behaviour.
    I discovered that on bitcoin codebase.
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