Paint.NET is a worthless piece of garbage.

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    No, it's pretty nice.
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    .NET is a worthless piece of garbage.
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    Neither Paint.NET nor the framework it's built on are worthless pieces of garbage. The people that are too dumb to use them correctly on the other hand...
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    Oh yeah?

    - Multiselection on layers been asked for for eight years, to this day the response is, "what would that be good for?" You kidding me?

    - Same with being able to process animated GIFs, guess technology has not come that for. But sure, there is AnGIF and Animated Image and shit, with transparency issues on export and whatnot, sometimes requiring a full system reboot before the DLL will export properly.

    - Selection modification? Lol.

    - Deletion of selection content also removes selection itself for good. This has also been discussed for nigh on a decade, but I guess only god can achive this.

    - Rasterization is inconsistent. How come modifying the content of the same selection multiple times, like deleting it, will yield different results?? Wtf?

    This just shit that pissed me off today. I don't even.
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    Okay. Use GIMP instead then.
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    @Maer If you want more professional tools made by professionals then buy photoshop and stop bitching about a free tool. Also if you want more features then you are free to write plugins or even decompile the program and implement the features yourself.
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    @SparkyTD I can bitch about whatever the fuck I want. That's what this site is for, in case you missed it.

    Also funny how you went from, "people just don't know how to use it" to "well, if you want more features, then....."

    Be that as it may. As a great philosopher once said - "Suck a dick, duuuumbshiiiiits".
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    It's no Gimp, but it's alright, although I like my old-school paint more, since it does not facade as a professional tool.
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    @Maer No the site is not for that kind of bitching. Other people here have explained why those features are not implemented. That one developer isn't obligated to implement them. He doesn't owe you that. Your points are still invalid. Don't @ me because I ain't coming back to this dumb thread anyways.
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    I like it
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    No!! It has saved me a ton of efforts, especially when I needed to reduce resolution and size of my passport size photos for online application forms on government sites.
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    I've used it for 95 percent of my (admittedly fairly simple) image needs for many years. Even simple stuff like measuring distances in screen captures. It's absolute nails at doing what it's intended for. And free. By all means use something else if it does not fit your needs, but I don't see how it deserves any serious criticism.
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    Just guess who developed it?? Absolutely Microsoft as their other products!!
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    ...uh, no. Paint.NET is not MS Paint.
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