A new currency is emerging in our industry. It is called "blame".
Who is to blame if we don't meet the deadline?
Who is to blame if the rushed release has x bugs?
Who is to blame if nightly build breaks, because our CI-Server is an old hunk of junk and "management" didn't approve the upgrade?
Our customer blames the delay in HIS infrastructure on us, because our system requirements are too high.

Blame blame blame. This currency is the new idol of our management team. Everyone gets blamed. They manage their "blame" ledgers instead of approving the tools we need or give us reasonable deadlines. Why Lord, oh why are there SO MANY MORONS in managment? You know what, dear "managers"? FUCK YOU., FUCK YOU SO HARD YOUR MOM WON'T RECOGNIZE YOU. YOU COULDN'T POUR PISS OUT OF A BOOT WITH INSTRUCTIONS ON THE HEEL.

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    This isn't new at all. The "blame game" has always been there, both internally when fighting for power and promotions as well as externally with contract penalties.
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    @Fast-Nop You are - of course - right. It has always been so. But I have a slight hunch that it is the first symptom of a failing company when the "blame game" begins and all tasks are measured only by the fact that afterwards you are not "to blame".
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    @jaydee101 May also be the sign of a grown up company. I have yet to see a big corporation where the departments are not at war with each other, and that's because the incentives of the middle management revolve around their own scope only.
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    @jaydee101 quality rant, i feel ya. Have my ++ as condolences
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