I attended an interview, the guy gave me a problem to code with unit test. I cracked it, he seem quite happy with my work.

However he send me some questions to solve at home... I don’t understand the point of this 😣

So sad to see people are becoming zombies n just follow the process instead of thinking logically!!! 😮

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    My 2cents guess is that the guy just wants you to do some coding for him in the form of 'homework' for free... It makes you feel discomfortzd right? So don't do it. Plenty other jobs around.
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    @NeatNerdPrime True lot of jobs for Developers in this world. The usual process according to the guy is

    1) first round is more like knowing what the job seeker did so far

    2) Take home coding test

    3) Solving problem in person

    For me in the first round itself the guy asked.. 3rd round interview question. And I cleared it.

    So what’s the point of doing take home test rite !!!
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    I don’t believe in take home coding test anyways...
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