So I'm a full time student. Yesterday I wasn't able to make it to work because i had a very important test the next day. I was told when I started this job I could come and go as I felt needed and never had a set schedule. I just go in when I can. So yesterday I emailed the HR lady ( who might I add is not who I report to and is not my boss) when I hit send, the email failed and it didn't go through and I didn't realize it. I get an email today and it's the HR lady telling me that I need to tell her wjen I wont be there and blah blah blah if this happens again I'll write you up. And so I emailed her back saying that I was sorry and had no idea the email did not send and shit and she was just an asshole about the whole situation. This lady is always on my ass every time I'm in there and for no reason other than to be a bitch. And what's even better is no one else will hire me and I can't find another job even though I am very qualified to what I am applying to. So fed up with this place

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    Hey man this kind of thing is temporary. You are dedicating yourself to school which shows good dedication skills. You have what it takes. Try not to let this get you down. Better things can be on the horizon. Good luck!
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    @SoulOfSet i second this.
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