So IBM finally jettisoned the cancer that was Virginia Rometty a few weeks back. They had an opportunity to move fresh blood and solid managerial background into the top slot with Jim Whitehurst (Redhat) and try and recover their flagging market share and do some sane business strategy. They passed on that opportunity and instead appointed the old guard bootlicker who overpaid for Redhat to the tune of 20x what it was worth, and signalled their intent to continue staying the course of the Titanic and it's slow inevitable trek towards the bottom of the ocean. The board wants a yes man, and they got one.

This is basically what I assumed would happen, but I have some other predications as well:

- Whitehurst will leave to a better company
- the redhatters that haven't already left will be replaced with commodity labor
- Redhat will be the least stable Linux offering 2 years after the last hatter leaves
- they will sell off most of their existing software assets to HCL/ similar consulting partners like they did with domino and websphere to stem the bleed
- the displaced in that move will either quit or be replaced
- their cloud initiative will collapse under the weight of its own stagnation and glacial pace of development
- they will attempt to salve these wounds by moving focus to global services, reducing profit loss by cutting salary costs, further diluting their eroding ability to innovate
- they'll buy at least one other trendy software company at ridiculous valuation, and sell it off within 2 years at a massive loss
- the CEO slot will start to resemble the late Roman empire with a new CEO every other week
- Redhat assets will be sold to Google inside of 5 years

Last prediction: I will be overjoyed being able to witness the death of IBM in my lifetime. Fuck them 🍻

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    I will not mourn their loss. Or any company that abandons hardware to chase trends.
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    I'm actually a little surprised they didn't jump on the ARM bandwagon.
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    @SortOfTested I guess IbM already has enough architectures: z, Power and some IBM servers were sold with x86.
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    Did you really think anything else would happen? Did you honestly think that IBM would finally get their shit together?

    If so, i would like to officially welcome you to the IBM fuck club.
    If not, then i would like to have you renew your membership.
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    No, I'm just feeling for Whitehurst and the rest of industry. He was cheated, and it sucks that RH consumed so much good software before the acquisition. It's disgusting to think how much knowledge and open source property are now subject to IBM's patent trolling cancer.

    I was sitting in the room recently with a RedHat architect while he talked one of my clients through their K8s migration, noticed he had an IBM shadow who said nothing and didn't even seem to know how a terminal worked. Went to lunch with said architect and found out he was cross training some commodity labor resource who had been in the industry less than 5 years, just arrived in the US on h1b to do his job, was actively looking for other employment. I've hear rumors the CoreOS team is facing the same fate.
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    @SortOfTested damn... i had no idea it was that bad... i recently talked to my red hat friend back in october and he said everything was fine... i really hope it didnt go that south that fast
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    Dunno, might be safer on the red hat product teams. Doesn't seem like there's much shelter on the consultancy services front. Krishnan taking over, all the promises Rometty made are void.
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    @SortOfTested amazing. Fuck rometty, fuck IBM, and fuck the world.
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