A very nice restaurant in a Vegas casino at 3am.

A friend and I were working on a project after defcon, and we got hungry. It's Vegas, so we have no clue what time it is except for our laptop clocks. And who cares anyways. Time is irrelevant in Vegas. So we got a table at a steak place at Caesars palace. And just dropped our laptops on the table and kept coding.

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    Casino steak house?

    And it's true. By design, casino customers have no idea what time it is because they will stay longer and therefore shop or gamble more. Casinos have no windows and very few (if any) clocks, have consistent dim lighting with bright accents/decoration, constant noise, and onsistent numbers of staff at all times.
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    covid has changed plans for many
    But I hope that the dream will be a reality
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