So, I'm the only developer in a marketing firm. I was asked to develop the company website. The deadline was within a month. A full on CMS. When I was interviewed I told them that I'm more fluent in back-end development rather than UI design etc. So the company's designer started designing the website. Incomplete designs were given to me one week before the due date. I'm a fresh grad so I'm relatively new. So I used a website builder knowing that I can't code the whole CMS within a week. I asked them which they gave approval to knowing it was $16 a month.
I started making it using webflow. 2 pages in, I asked them to pay for the subscription because webflow allows 2-3 pages for the free version. When the time to pay came, they were like, "wow, $16? That's a lot every month for just a website". Keep in mind, it's not that they don't have the money. Just cheap. This was like 5 days before the deadline and they said it's too expensive and asked me to code everything by myself. And gave an extension for a few months.
I said okay and started development. I said we would still need to spend on a cloud instance for deployment which would be like $6 monthly. My manager asked me is there a way to not pay monthly and pay like $100 and get one for lifetime. I facepalmed so hard. I tried explaining to him cloud-server costs are either monthly/yearly or pay-per-use basis. He told me maybe because I'm new I don't know and go to do some research on it. I researched and the only solution was to buy a server which costs $100++ monthly. I sent him the costs in a document which he did not even bother to read.

That was back in November last year. Fast forward to February. I've coded the website thrice. The design keeps changing every week. The design is still not complete. And they are saying I'm not eligible for a promotion because the website is still not done. It pisses me the fuck off. It's not my fault it's not done. The designers haven't done the design, the manager can't decide on shit. I'm just here because it's my first job out of uni and I thought it might be a good experience, but honestly right now the way they are treating me it pisses me off.

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    Ah, same shit, man i feel like I read own rant before I knew devrant existed!

    Welcome to devrant.

    I work as solo dev at marketing company, first 1.5 year was cat-ass-torphy but I didnt complain, since first job after secondary school, my php code running on bizzare cheap share hosting... Im backend dev too, and before frontend (wordpress/html) guy actually dared to give a fuck about projects i have on, i produced many ugly-ass-shit bizzare things, as per request.

    One time I dared to ask for linux server and I learned milion reasons why not. Cmon, its fucking 5 bucks on linode monthly...

    Later i carried this company on financial side of things, i made some projects that earned me everyone's respect here, now, 3 years later, they know, if I say "I need server" that means better they give it to me.

    Its insane how much i did for them when I sit back and think about it. I started here when it was 7 people squad. Now its 30 ppl...
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    @DubbaThony I feel you man. At the end of the day, I have to design it, develop it and deploy it as well. And getting paid peanuts for it.
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    First year on minimum legal wage.

    Yeee... I can realte really hard, man. Just figure out how your company works. If there is no way to get on top of the situation look for other work in the background.
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    Just look for another job... and let that company rot. A manager that cannot listen to his/her employees and thinks he/she has ownership of truth and knowledge... welll..let them!

    Welcome to the 'professional' life, where one thing is certain: Everyday can be even more batshit crazy like the last one.
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    If they don't appreciate your efforts or knowledge, and pay you peanuts as well, finding something better should be trivial. When prospective employers ask why you're looking, tell them this story.
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