Just tell me why are the people who don't even know how to use computer properly, Studying Computer Science..

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    Self improvement? I guess it's possible to study lambda calculus, category theory, linear algebra, statistics and probability and differential calculus without a computer.
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    I have no fking clue.

    I'm currently in my last year of the apprenticeship for software development.

    In school some of the people in my class have no fking clue how to program.
    I don't expect them to know everything or to optimize their code. But they even struggle to grasp the concepts. We're currently at Inheritance in C#. I am bored as fuck and the others just sit there wondering what magic this is.

    Another strange thing: being an apprentice means they actually work in that field. Like what are doing at work if they struggle so hard on school????
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    @fuckwit same happens with, every day I to go collage and see those dumb people trying to understand how does the array sum program works, it almost seems magic to them..
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    Not everyone has the knack.
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    @fuckwit Have you seen interns and juniors?
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    @Root nope not yet. Thankfully I guess?

    Only non programmers rotating through departments in order to get to know what each department is does.
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    Because computer science isn't something that's exclusive to programmers, and you go to a course to learn.
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    Doesn't know how to use computer, studying to use computer. Don't those go together?
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    @theKarlisK I would be number 3. Ended up doing process control and now guis for process control. Similar concepts. Inputs->make decisions->outputs in a few mS/uS time.
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    I just went to the wrong building for gender roles in 17th century literature and was too embarrassed to leave so I got a cs degree instead, oops
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    @jdebs grats on publishing that Shakespearean inspired JS framework btw ;-)
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    Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes.

    - E. Dijkstra
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