I honestly hate writing code. I hate debugging off-by-one bugs. I hate debugging in general. My fingers are weary from 11 years of this shit. I've spent 1 hour designing + implementing this tool in C, only to have spent 11+ hours debugging this tiny thing.

Ultimately, I hate the precision the damn computer demands. It's a prissy little bitch I want to hate fuck.

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    Just make sure to buy some dinner for it first
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    Whatever you do, wash your hands.
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    There are some tricks against that.

    One is writing robust code that has internal checks on whether it is consistent, and gives some debug log output in case inconsistencies are found.

    Another is to write code so that wrong code already looks wrong. I had that in a former co-worker's superb code after I took over. I was looking for something entirely different, and then I found a bug just because some stuff looked odd.

    What also helps is proper architecture. If you have a big ball of mud where everything impacts everything else, bugs are not only more likely and harder to find, they're also harder to fix because the fix will break something else. Architect top-down, but implement and test bottom-up.

    But the most important is to not just write down some stuff, but going through it mentally. Becoming one with the code. That's what "being in the zone" means.
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    2020... still "write tests" or "try TDD" is still not the first answer.
    Strange... strange... I will keep watching this.
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    Sounds like you should spend more time designing and less time debugging :-p
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    Personality traits of every successful developer I know.
    1. Loves puzzles.
    2. Loves precision.
    3. Loves logic.

    If this is not you I would really reconsider your choice of profession.
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    @S-falken that's way too simple
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