Spend nearly a full eight-hour day working on a piece of code that, while not at all trivial, would have taken probably two hours start to finish if not for the constant stream of interruptions bombarding me...

...but then, 10 minutes before quitting time, build and run it for the first time...


I'm never more scared than when ~1000 lines of code works the very first time it's run. Makes me want to check if I've signed any documents presented as a "deal" by a guy with a fiddle in a southern state :)

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    The second part, so very very true.
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    The first part, so very very familiar.
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    @Root I am lucky enough to work at a place that believes in letting developers work and to keep meetings short and to the point.

    Much less distractions than last place, which already was good at this :)
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    @Voxera Lots of meetings, and my "office" contains a 1yo and a 4yo. Or a macaw and lots of cockatiels and foot traffic. 🙁 So. Distractions aplenty.
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    The devil went to silicon valley, he was looking to build an app. With full-screen ads and paywall features it was a real pile of crap.

    When he came upon this coder sawin' on a keyboard and playin' it hot, the devil put down his soy latte and said "kid let me tell you what.

    I guess you didn't know it but I'm a full-stack developer too. And if you'd care to take a dare I'll make a bet with you.

    You write some robust code my friend but give the devil his due. I'll bet a keyboard of gold against your soul that I can deploy apps faster than you"
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    @jdebs I think you may have just won the Internet for today :)
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    This rant could’ve been summed up in
    1) ”I type fast”
    2) ”I think accurately”
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    @HughRant 3) But only by mistake, and only every so often :)
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