Damn, sometimes I want to rant about something rather badly, but feel I can't as I'd inevitably mention something way to specific which would identify me way too easily 🕵️‍♂️

I'll just say talking to our offshore dev team really does feel like talking to a brick wall 😒

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    I know the feeling. Thankfully the kool-aid man is my spirit animal.
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    Is it a brick wall with a glory hole? Because that explains the talking. Anyway, that last sentence is so common. I heard people say that about Indian devs and I heard Indian devs say it about their clients. My favorite one said, "Talking to Lanie (client) is like talking to a rock." :D

    There was one time, I sent an article to my brother and he thought I wrote it because it was so accurate in the smallest details but I didn't write it at all.
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    @rutee07 Oh, I'm sure the offshore team probably feels the same way about me at this point 😂

    Conversations generally go thus:

    Offshore guy: I think we should do X, that will stop hypothetical situation Y from happening

    Almond: Good idea, but that's not really the priority now - A is really the priority we should be working on (yaknow, the one marked as high priority in Jira, fully fleshed out with estimates, ready to go, etc.) - let's add X to the backlog.

    Offshore guy: Would you like a deeper explanation of X? It would be very good to do it. It would solve problems.

    Almond: Oh, I totally understand what X would do. It's just a large piece of work that's not a priority right now. As I said earlier, we really need to....

    Offshore guy: ...It is important though. Shall we prepare a presentation for you next week of why X would be a good idea?

    Other offshore guy: Almond, what we're trying to do with X is (literally says what first guy said...)
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    Because talking to an offshore team is almost always the same as talking to a brick wall.

    Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy my offshore team as humans - they’re nice people.

    I’ve explained things to them so many times that I honestly can’t wrap my head around other ways to explain it, eventually they get exasperated as well and just start saying they understand even when they don’t.

    Then i review their code, reject it, and repeat the process over again.
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    @AlmondSauce Sounds like the guy is dodging actual work. I met some of those. They always bring up a different topic. I bet once the presentation for X is done, they'd think of something else.
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    @rutee07 Time will tell, but I suspect you're right on the money there.
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