I am a senior dev, so I’m used to deleting 2 recruiter e-mails per day, not really thinking about them.

The last 3 weeks, however, dead silence in my Inbox.

Coronavirus? Recession? Or have I managed to get on a blacklist?

I don’t believe that recruiters learned not to spam.

Do you guys observe the same?

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    I doubt they really learn anything. It's either they've got limit or you haven't been active there for a while, so algo decided you aren't worth wasting emails. 😏
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    There's hiring cycles, middle late Q1 is usually a lull.
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    I see decrease of linkedin profile views. Might be coronavirus, people switched from sending stupid emails to doing nothing and waiting for doomsday.
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    Darn. I'm just trying to get into the field. Not what I wanted to hear...
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    @vane "Hey, that's basically what I do every day!" --Bender

    @jammypiece Don't take a single random rant on one platform on the internet as factual proof. It depends on many variables (e.g. country, industry, specific field, age, etc.)
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