So I recently purchased Ark and I gotta say I can totally recommend single player/ local multi.

It's not exactly stable. And non-dedicated private servers are pretty limited. But it's fun nonetheless. The animals are neat, the landscape is gorgeous, and the base building is interesting and intuitive.

One of the things I don't exactly love about Minecraft is that your shelter doesn't matter much. Build some walls to keep the mobs out and you're good. But Ark is much more hostile. You need to avoid cold, and rain, and heat, and big Dino's that want to bite you and stomp you. So your shelter actually protects you.

Not only that but materials are so easy to get in Minecraft. You can have a full house by the end of your first day, easily. But Ark makes resource collecting difficult. You need some dino companions to hold your stuff because it becomes too heavy for you alone. And it takes days, maybe even in-game weeks to build a suitable house. And you can spend much, much longer making it more than just a wooden box.

Cool game! Definitely in my top 3 right now.

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    Bruh, post this as Story instead, why you appear like this in Rants feed?
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    Also, huh, maybe I'll give a try to Ark.
    Is it a sandbox?
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    @vintprox story isn't a dedicated tag. The button says "rant/story". It becomes a story if it hits a certain length I believe, which I would think I am just shy of.

    Also don't be a tag Nazi.
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    @AlgoRythm ah sorry, I'm still new to devRant and how tags are formed here. I love to see such community 😻 maybe I'll post some time soon
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    What ever you do, do not get into breeding unless the server have multipliers. Some animals take about 2 real life weeks to raise. But sadly the only way to get the animals to their best state is breeding.
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    Last time I tried it it was just as broken as Rust, so I lost interest pretty fast..
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