Why would I waste my time watching tutorials for company rules if I can just watch it during work.

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    I blocked the full time of the video watching time any time a company made me do this, went to "lunch" and submitted the quiz.
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    I don't understand. Is there some expectation that you complete company-mandated training outside of company time?
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    No, just banal box checking "security training," many companies bought a package and forced the practice because middle managers are idiots. It's all so they can sue their employees and vendors for phishing and cyber insurance violations, say they've trained them.
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    I understand the reason they require training. But I was replying to the OP. :)
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    @bahua work is work. Work should be separated from home. Unless someone wants to deploy it on Friday
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    Of course. My comment was in response to what appeared to be you saying that your employer expects you to put in personal time to complete company mandated training.

    And that's horseshit.
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    @bahua They don't. It's not mandatory for me to watch those tutorials after work. There's also no assessment or whatsoever to show my loyalty to that company
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