Working for this startup as a remote dev for last 6 months.

This month they delayed my payment by saying that they are still waiting for crowdfunding payment to be processed.

After 3 days my teamlead who recruited me quitted with 2 more people saying that its 'personal issues'

1 week later (today) I received a letter of termination saying that my contract ceases its effect after 30 days and I will receive my payment after 45 days as all service providers.

I reminded those fuckers that in contract there is a clause saying that they are supposed to pay me within 24 hours of invoice receipt (because this is not my first time with startups). Then fuckers responded that I will get paid as soon as they receive the money.

Contacted CTO today and he told me the truth. Turns out that venture capital that supposedly raised funding of around 10 million usd last year actually didnt raise shit. In the end startup did not receive this funding because VC convinced investors that this project is shit and not worth investing.

VC's plan is to starve out the startup by giving it bridge payment injections. At some point they want to buy out the startup and resell it for profit.

And here I am fucked in the ass. But for some reason im not mad at that VC because shit happens. Im mad ar startup managers who kept us in the dark for 2 weeks and dropped us like shit :)

I am really tired of broke startups and their bullshittery.

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    Can't imagine doing that. Taking VC money, that is. It always leads to shit like this.
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    @SortOfTested Most of the work was outsourced and they rented an office in the center of city for 100k usd a month. Basically its a mismanaged pile of crap and Im still surprised how they managed to even get to this stage but oh well.
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    Introduce some subtle bugs as payment for their efforts in fucking the company over.
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    With this kind of bs, I wouldn’t trust a single word they say.
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    @matste Yep I'm not planning to work for them :)
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