Corona virus finally affect where I live
Everyone started hording stuff.

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    Hoarders should be the first ones to go.
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    Now that I thought about it. We can allow them to get fat while they lock themselves into their homes with all that food then we eat them when shit gets bad. Why is my ding dong getting hard?
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    @M1sf3t You know, this shit makes me daydream of a slumber party or something with devRant members.
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    And the only thing I am thinking is how rich the store are going to be and how to fix the bug I found last night.Does that make me a bad person?
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    @M1sf3t Don't worry, there will be the two us getting kicked out this time. We can just drop by a convenience store and start drinking.
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    There are gypsy carven?
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    The trick is to predict that is going to happen and be the first to hoard before anyone notices. :-)
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    Panic buying is a very real thing (that many consider a symptom of capitalism) and damaging to our society as it usually means the lower class, elderly people and other marginalized groups of people are left with almost nothing at stores. Part of the reason people panic buy is that they aren't prepared at home and get scared and see other people buying stuff so it just ends up being this stupid cycle of buying hundreds of dollars of shit.

    The worst thing is that most people just buy shit that will never do them any good in an actual SHTF scenario. Why the fuck are they buying eggs, meat, bread, milk and paper towels and toilet paper?? That food will go bad if there's no electricity and then you're SOL. Or crackers and candy and soda and huge packs of water bottles....wtf.

    People are grossly unprepared and just end up hurting each other. The world is stupid.
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    @jbrandona119 I had the same thing in mind while in the grocery store today. The first shelves to go empty are the ones in the bread isle. Stuff that will go bad in a few days. I thought more people would die from food poisoning for eating expired shit rather than the actual virus.

    Panic buying just gives the greedy fucks an opportunity to fuck the public, not to mention they are wasting food in case they're smart enough to throw away the expired ones. They're not helping themselves or anybody. They're exactly the type of people that should have been filtered out from the gene pool a long time ago.
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    Of course I have stocked up more than the usual amount at home. If I get quarantined at home, I can't do the weekly shopping anymore. All our government can come up with is "tell someone else to do your weekly shopping". Yeah, sure. As if.
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