No line for the bathroom. Listening to music without headphones. Getting up and pacing around like a crazy person when I'm thinking. Cursing loudly. Not wearing pants. Petting my dog frequently.

WFH is the best

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    I mean, we swear vigorously here constantly at work. Definitely recommend.
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    We do too, but I definitely have a bit of a "work appropriate" profanity filter that comes all the way down at home. I don't think I'd keep my job very long if I swore like I do when I'm alone...
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    Working on that with my guys. We're half in Seattle, half in Glasgow on the dev side and they're quite fond of the C word. 😣
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    @SortOfTested what? Which one?
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    @Tayo Coronavirus
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    I wish I could pet my boss. He gets pretty needy especially these days that his control freak self can't see anyone in person.
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