Should I learn flask from scratch if I want to use it with Flutter?

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    @johnmelodyme I'd like to use python as a backend to Flutter. It is my understanding that Flask is the only way to do so at the moment.
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    you don't need to use flask. Anything that provides the data to your Flutter app will do and it doesn't matter what it is really. Where did you get that you could only use Flask?

    dont get me wrong, flask is great, but where did you get that from?
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    @leonidRSA @AleCx04 My point is to find the best way to connect backend python to flutter.

    Do you perhaps have a suggestion?
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    @leonidRSA if you are already comfortable with Python and do not have any personal biases or preferences towards other technologies then Flask would be a simple enough place to start for building the resources needed to transfer data from a server backend to a Flask app. You can look at other places, like Django with the Django REST framework for example, but for educational and testing I don't see any problem with using Flask :D I don't see a problem in using whatever tech stack really, just use what you are more comfortable with man :D services like that can be generated and consumed in a wiiiiiiide variety of way, so you have choices
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    There is basically no dox for Python as a backend for Flutter.
    Document what you can, what you find, and how it works out because the more solutions and scenarios we can whip up the better our future will be.
    I've used python/json CLI with Pyrebase to whip up some pretty awesome lightweight backend management for my Flutter apps, just haven't used Flask with it.
    It is certainly dubious in nature, though... I must investigate!
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