About that PS3 N64 port:

Fuck C.

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    What is an PS3 N64 port?
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    @SnowGuard I was trying to port an N64 emulator to PS3 using libretro. Turns out to do so i'd have to either rewrite all of OpenGL, most of mesa or all of libretro. Not even due to it not supporting these things, but because the open-source not-$500 toolchain renames all functions in all includes it comes with for its own naming schemes, which makes GCC (and myself) cry. It also has high-level OpenGL, meaning I don't have OpenGL, I have an API that runs on OpenGL. I can define textures and vertices and whole models and shit with a few lines and an include, but that's not OpenGL as most shit expects, is it? (That's also all the Sony code the toolchain has, too, so this is deliberate.)
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