I hate deploying this project, it's just nerve wracking. I started it when I was a newbie to web stuff so I didn't know shit. Now it's just a big project with no unit tests, I test it all by hand.

It looks professional though, but the underlying code is just a mess.

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    Start adding unit tests when you get small chances. You're the only person who can change your workplace when you have bad practices in place.
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    @vomitmachine I'm solo on this project and honestly I'm tired of it. If the client doesn't find any issues with the SPA this is gonna be my last deploy. I charged way too little for the amount of work I did. The idea was to sell the app to more people after it's finished, but I designed it in a way that would need one Firebase project per client, making maintainability impossible. One bug fix would require many deploys.

    I intend to rebuild the app from scratch using Flutter and a Rust backend with some other fancy shit I found out and make it right this time. Then I'll sell it in a subscription model, which is better in the long run.
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    Sure hope they don't ask to see your code then but for everyone else's sake I hope they do review it.
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    @pythonInRelay I'm solo on this, I approve my own code. Checkmate.
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    That's precisely the problem...
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    Well, kudos to you for learning from it and wanting to do better next time.

    I've had way too many coworkers with the approach "I'm done fucking this project up, imma continue with the next one. Huh? 'maintenance'? 'learning'? What are these things?!"
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