Anyone who says/thinks software development is just piece of cake and these IT guys have magic wands should be quarantined for the rest of their lives. :-/

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    Counter-argument: Well, you want us to make use of our magic, and you can't do it yourself, so we are worth whatever we say we're worth.
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    Channelling takes time and knowledge, and money.
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    Just because you create a good software with reasonable deadline and performance , they think it easy. Make it harder for them , reschedule the meeting , say you "will think about it" or "project feasibility need to be research" even though you know it can be done.
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    @mr-user , I have learnt these delaying tactics after being shitted from these entrepreneurs morons for a long time.
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    @AngryDev9981 People don't treasure what can be gotten easily.We have to make it more difficult for people to take it more seriously.

    "A person walks into a dentist for his appointment. The dentist fix his problem in 5 minute and ask for $1000. The man said $1000 but you only take 5 minute?The dentist asked do you want me to take an hour to fix your problem?"

    The moral of the story is that the experience can fix the problem more faster but the people just look at the time taken but doesn't look at how much experience he have to take to fix the problem quickly.
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    If you have a good client who values you, give a quick release. If you have a bad client who don't value your work, delay the releases with technical jargon (which is useless) to make them impress with you and give you a good value with your work.
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