So yesterday terminals for clocking in and clocking out where installed at a customer. In the evening I got a call, telling me, that only one of five terminals works. I tried to figure out the problem and finally the customer asked me, if maybe every terminal would need an individual IP adress.

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    Surprised that the others didn't interfere with the one working...

    By the way, welcome to devRant, HighPressureLobster!
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    @kescherRant I guess it won after registering in the network first. "High Pressure Lobster" is indeed the origin of my german nickname. A few years ago, I found frozen lobsters in a wholesale market, labeled as "High Pressure Lobster". I found that so funny, that I translated it to german and now use it as a nickname. I don't really know how often I had to explain where my nickname comes from or what it means... :) Stay healthy.
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    If they dont know how to static IP they could leave it in DHCP... it would at least work for them lmao
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    Tell the customer that "IP" means "individual penis", so of course each must have its own one.
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    @Fast-Nop I always share my penis with other people
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