"Can you review this pull request?"

Ok, sure

- Description in broken English
- HTML/CSS changes seemingly just for the fuck of it
- No user story listed OR
- User story listed has no description
- Mockup does not specify what should be changed
- Owner is offline because this entire team operates out of India
- Requirements said to exist but their location is unknown

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    Fail the pr for no context
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    Sounds like an easy PR.
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    @SortOfTested it's every PR. The entire project is just offshore vendors. It's a total shit show.
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    @Root I requested changes and said to make sure to include test data / steps in the PR, but every PR is like this. Not only that, the scrum master / BA doesn't include adequate information in the user story and the business folk seem to be out of the loop on the projects current happenings.

    I've had to rewrite code twice just because the description was too vague and ***after it was reviewed, merged, deployed and tested*** the business folk said "that's not right"
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    if you reject it the problem will continue indefinitely.

    find someone else to approve these shits "real quick" on friday afternoon

    wait until something gets fucked real bad and company loses money

    then take it up to management

    maybe you're lucky enough to get rid of them

    let them & their whole fucking village starve if that's what it takes
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    @molaram this project is already way behind schedule. I'm actually just helping out temporarily. Management knows how bad it is, at this point they're just trying to get shit finished.

    Unfortunately I've been made authority on it. There's someone over me, but they have higher priority tasks and can only occasionally step in.

    It's a dumpster fire.
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    My condolences.
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    so fire them and get more competent people on it. even if you'll be late, at least you'll get the job done. throw in a couple extra features to wow the stakeholders into sucking your dick.
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    @molaram I'm not a manager lol I don't have authority to do that. Plus the overhead on that may not be worth. There are people leaving the team, and I think one may be replaced, but the application is like 80% built at this point and like 200% past deadline.
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    @CoffeeSnake then sit back, relax and enjoy a Corona!
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    Haha many times there were MR like this , sometimes I do leave a comment. And like other times I simply deny.
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