A part of me still love code.
A part of me already bored with it.

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    You just need one passion project to fix that boredom
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    @RikaroDev i felt like i'm stuck in this ecosystem, any suggestions for a passion for introvert?
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    @ibndias I'm not sure about what you develop or your interest areas but generally speaking these can be tried -> 1. Solving one your own daily problems by developing something, 2. Automating some activity and adding features, 3. Making your own version of a popular app/.., 4. Make a simple project using some latest technology stack, 5. Writing blog on what you're learning.
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    @RikaroDev thanks for the list man, I'll try with number 5 ;)
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    i changed a job and thats how i fixed it
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    @gopher3004 i was working for a company 3 months ago, i decided to resign, and now i'm here as a computer engineering students. I thought new environment would be fun, but then it's just the same. Idk, maybe this is what they called by burnout.
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    @ibndias it could be a burnout. I had similar symptoms in previous company and then i somehow managed to control it (few fights with boss here and there). And after the fights i couldn't get a promotion although i was working quite a big chunks and then i left.

    you should try to work on something that's fun for you (even playing games) and doing minimal for college, take your time for yourself and be careful in the future
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    @gopher3004 thanks for your advice, brother, I've no longer played a game since 5 years ago.. you're right maybe my right brain needs stimulation.
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