I need to write the maintenance document in case I die.

Any idea what to include?

I have written a lot of software which include family business and other business depend on by myself.

I have an idea of adding my git user name and password. Email and social media user name and password.Configuration file/Configuration property. Troubleshooting information.Program overview.

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    "If you're reading that, it means I am dead." That seems like a good intro, whatever you'll write after that should work
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    What should come after that?

    "You are the chosen one to clean up my mess.It's no use cursing me since I am already dead.

    Good luck!"
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    @mr-user "While you might think you've been chosen to inherit a secret knowledge, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, my writing talent is so horrendous, you could very well end up stupider after reading that documentation.



    That's it, my boy. No more. It's over.
    I would like to say that you now possess the weapon for this fight, but we both know that's not true. Anyway, don't hesitate to hit me up in case you're in trouble. Wait...! I forgot, I'm dead! Ha!"
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    @Jilano Seriously what should I included?

    It will be the most important I have written up my whole life.
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    I am going to be a ghost which hunt both developers and managers.

    For developers : "There's a bug......F..i...x... it"

    For managers : "Chan..ge... the deadline...."
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    Just create a rabbit hole that will connect to an API to automatically announce you are dead.
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    @mr-user "it will be the most important I have written up my whole life" sounds kinda sad.

    But to your question: google "good readme" or look around Github for some popular open-source projects for inspiration. Usually there s sections like Getting Started, Local setup, Build, Deploy, Business logic, etc
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