Can someone rollback the 2020 patch already ? It's buggy

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    No mate. Looks like someone outsourced this quarter to india or shitheadistan or something. We’re not getting our money back.
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    Well no they force pushed master
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    @molaram I think it was oursourced in China.

    Let's prepare a patch
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    @NoToJavaScript naah shit was made right here in Africa dawg
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    @brayo (Ok, I know where the door is. But it is jus too tempting)

    Naaan, impossible. It would kill only white people then
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    That's part of the cover-up, we gonna release the patch once it infects a significant portion of Africa, It will have killed a tenth of Italy and Spain by then. Everyone is going to develop resistance to the virus, little do they know we just messing with the source code to the Matrix. Have you watched that movie btw?
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    @brayo I did. xD

    Well, I refuse to be killed by a Jira ticket !

    I'll wait update COVID-19.5
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    dont worry we aint killing any devs... we looked out for our own
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