Xamarin development.
You google some problem and find posts from 2013 or 2015 on the official forums where people had the same problem. And until 2020 MS is just ignoring them.
But hey we get new exciting stuff like... life previews!
It is as bugged and non functional as the rest of xamarin but this keeps up the illusion of Xamarin not being dead.

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    I think It never used kkkkkk I use the MS Techs, but, for web , for mobile I go to learn React Native
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    @WillPower18 for mobile, pure native is the way to go.
    Don't get yourself fooled that you'll save time using some tech which promises to do Android + iOS.
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    @Lensflare in Brazil the mobile developers use React Native in large scale , I learn React Native , because the Facebook use , but, i see in the internacional forums and developers communitys the RN is not used , some reason especific?
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