I've got a user who keeps asking for weekly updates on a project I'm on and my pm is supposed to interface with them and give them the status. But my pm comes back to me like "so everything is good right?"

When we just talked last week about how it's not and I still have work stoppages. I have status updates written in our ticket tracker for him and he has tons of emails explaining the issue but he always forgets what the status is anyway!

Jesus, having to keep reminding someone of something when the information is right out there for them to grab quickly and easily is bloody annoying. He just neglects this one project! I'd cut out the middleman but I need him because I don't know enough about business rules to make decisions or ignore concerns that crop up in my planning!

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    Isn't it literally this fucker's job to know what is going on in the project?
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    @AmbientTea that’s exactly correct! I am blown away, he never does this with any of the other projects that we have been on together. I know right now he happens to be overworked but this is literally the only thing on my plate and I can’t do it without him!

    Guess I’ll have to manufacture work for myself this week; I have decided to beautify all my variable names that I have ever made in the history of working at this position.
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