Yes please I want the older version :)

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    Why do people put spaces before punctuation marks? "Download now ?"
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    And yet he has "download.Download"
    Fuck this guy.
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    @rutee07 I suspect no-one bothered proof-reading, considering the content of the message in general...!
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    Sometime I like the older version because in newer version they simplified the UI to be more easier to use.

    There is this batch rename software in Windows where you can do various filter (including regex) and add a custom filter and rename process to it.

    In newer software they redesign the UI to remove the features that I like.

    "Bug become feature when user depend on it" - Mr-User
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    Some languages (like French) put a space between words and certain ponctuations. As a result, I tend to do that when I'm writing in English as well. It's a mistake, but it's also a habit of writing this way in a non-English language that does the same... That's also probably what happened here
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    @SamSam Interesting. Thanks for telling me.
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