Did I get old or did I just finish plucking all the low hanging fruit?

When I started on a programming journey about a decade ago everything feel exciting and I learn a lot of things per day (variable,loop,method,class,---etc)

Now a decade later I am more concern with the overall system design,algorithms usage (Big O Notation),how reliable the system it,and how the configurations are set up and how easy is it to change them.

I now notice that I don't really learn anything learn new.Everything feel the same.

Want redundancy? Use more server

Want faster performance? Make a parallel system.

Want program to run on low end device? Think about how memory and storage will be used in system.

Is this a stage everyone went through like puberty? or I am just having a mid life crisis?

PS : I haven't even reach 30 yet but I feel too old.

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    Dunno, I'm 20+ years along and I can't think of a time I wasn't learning anything. If you've stagnated you need a new gig.

    As for the emotions, you're somewhere between 50 and 66% on this graph judging by your description.
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    It not that I am not learning anything new. It just that I feel that my learning pace have slow down significantly.
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    You're getting comfortable. Get uncomfortable, swim in a bigger pond 😘
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    That might be it. I am going to try web development for real. I only know basic web development stuff and don't pursue it because I don't want to spread myself too thin.

    Now seem like the good time for it. Thank for your advise.
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