We worked with that freelancer some time ago. Most talented coder I've ever known. Coding for only 3 years, and only 1 technology, but technical thinking already up to par with my own 15+ years of experience. Very rude but to the point. We loved it - "one of us". We hired that asshole for different remote projects over 20 times in 3 years. We send spec, answer questions, collaborate on chat, review work on svn, add tickets, get solutions. After about a year working like that we had minor issue with finance that revealed our prized freelancer is a chick.

Changed nothing.

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    Also, we would keep hiring her but she stopped freelancing because she went into hardware production. For church, I think. Called it "Pre-go-nuns" or something similar, can't remember.
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    Just ask her out already.
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    Dont tell me you havent searched for her profile pic?
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    @zemaitis There wasn't one. But it's common here in IT.
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    @aviophile I believe I mentioned marriage and pregnancy in my 1st comment.
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