For fucks sake, why can't Microsoft switch to Lua or JS as an embedded language instead of VBA.
It bad enough working with their office-jank but having program in this butt-rape of a language takes the cake.

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    Imagine Office is built on electron because of your suggestion for running JS. It would be a nightmare.
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    @melezorus34 If they do release a new office version for Windows, I'd bet it'll be Electron.
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    Did you ever see Lua in a professional manner?
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    @nitwhiz think it as a plugin wrapper. Afaik gta5 modders use lua.
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    nginx supports Lua
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    The only people I know that actually use VBa/Excel are:

    1. People like me who just need a simple script to automate an excel task and have to learn VBA just for this reason.

    2. Old school "programmers" or "application developers" that make full systems in excel with a shit tone of VBA.
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    @granola let's hope they actually implement something as amazing as this would be.

    It would be the only change in excel I would actually care about since 2013 (when they updated the GUI)
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