I installed Ubuntu recently and the experience is quite good, someone misses something about windows or some program like word, etc.

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    I haven't been using Ubuntu as my main OS for too long, but I don't miss much. For documents I use Google docs, sheets, etc (there's also open office). The only thing I miss so far are the games, but I dual boot windows so it's not that bad. I also haven't tried doing any photo/video/audio editing in Linux, but as far as I know the best programs for those tasks are only for windows and mac.
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    Except for games, none. And I haven't tried SteamOS and I don't plan to, since my PS4 is good enough
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    @asgs Many games work now even on arch, most crash a lot though.
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    So what's the question?
    But anyway, I install it once or twice a year but then because it's missing half of what I use it already ends up in a no-go...
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