I just have a weird dream.

I am talking to a person and I enter into a dream land for a few minute (I think it a few minute) since I am really tired.

The weird thing is I am still having a conversation with the same person in my dream about the same topic. Now I am awake and that person doesn't notice that I was asleep (Good job my unconsciousness,good job my auto reply system).

Now here is a problem.I cannot distinguish the dream from reality and the detail of the conversation merge together. For instance I don't remember what is the correct price of the item since the price of the item differ from my dream and real world. The price of the item may be 2000 or 1800 , which one is it?

There are also various details which merge together.

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    Sounds to me like a very bad case of merge conflict.

    *Pun intended*
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    Yeah it is a merge conflict. It is the more worse than ordinary merge conflict since I can't remember the content of the branch I merge together.
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