Our teacher has assigned us a project that should be well documented, well built, written in a language that he has no freaking idea how it works and the project should be Facebook rich with features, we are three members in a team and the project should be done in less than two months. How the hell should we deal with this freak?

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    Someone tried to pull all four switches at once, electrocute him
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    What kind of language do you need to write the project in?
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    @mr-user Nodejs and React, I don't have a problem with that. It's the fact that the idiot has got no idea what he's teaching and still bosses around
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    Do you mean that he don't understand the material he teaching or he don't know how to teach?

    Somebody just know themselves but cannot explain it to other.
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    @mr-user yeah, but he doesn't know what he's teaching -__-
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