Fuck. You know you have overslept when you wake up and reach for your phone to check the time only to realise you aren't reaching for your phone, but instead you've fallen back asleep and are dreaming about reaching for your phone.

Just happened 3 times in a row to me -.-

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    I had a dream that I responded to my manager's text. I did respond to his text except my dream extended it to me filing for resignation. I guess it's been on my mind far too often that I dream about it.
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    @rutee07 hahaha dreaming about resigning is fun. Do you wake up and check if you actually resigned and have a mini heart attack😂😂
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    @samsepiol It was a feeling of relief, actually. I have a mini heart attack when I wake up and realize I haven't resigned yet.
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    I once skipped an exam because of turning off the alarm while I'm asleep :(
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